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Like most people impacted by today’s turbulent times, you need to change your choices in the area of love, self-care and intimacy and develop “new seeds” in your relationships in order to prosper. If you’re ready and committed to creating a new, fulfilling life for yourself and your loved ones, you need to start now.

Join The Goddess Training Academy on a never-before-presented "Goddess on The Go!" Teleseminar that will put you on the fast track to deepening feminine replenishment, improving your ability to receive and open you up to sheer pleasure. This FREE "Goddess on The Go!" Tele-seminar will not only provide you with insights and ideas to put in use today; it will ensure you get immediate results from attending “The You Go Goddess Intensive.”

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 What You Will Learn

Listen in on "Goddess on The Go!" Teleseminar, and you'll learn how to:

    Create your own joy, pleasure and happiness without
    relying on others

  Deepen your relationship with yourself and share the
    precious gifts you have with the world

    Transform your past “seeds” immediately and bloom into
     the radiant flower you are, thus changing your romantic life

If you want more out of life...more love, more happiness, more fun...the answer is simple... change your seeds/beliefs/behaviors, and change it quickly – with  the “Goddess on the Go!” Teleseminar.

February 15th at 7:00 pm - Echo Allen Interviews Michelle Prince
of Prince Performance Group as she discusses:   

“The Power of Belief -
Overcoming Obstacles That Are Holding You Back"

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Michelle Prince is the Best-Selling Author of the book "Winning in Life Now...How to Break Through to a Happier You!"  She has been endorsed by and worked for some of the most influential, successful motivational teachers and authors in the industry, including Zig Ziglar. 

Michelle Prince has embraced personal development, goal-setting and the desire to improve her life since the age of 18.  Michelle has taken that knowledge to transform not only her own life; but the lives of millions of people who want to break through to a life of greatness. 

Aside from being an author, Michelle is a sought after motivational speaker, one-on-on mentor and radio show host on the "Winning In Life Now Radio Show".  She owns her own company, Prince Performance Group as well as her own publishing company, Performance Publishing.

Michelle's style is one who can see your greatness and help you manifest that into action.  She will help you to reach higher and go farther with her support and encouragement along the way.  Whether you need to be pushed, pulled, inspired, challenged or left alone, Michelle knows just the right steps to help you keep moving toward achieving your goals.

Take the Fast Track to Awakening the Goddess Within!
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Michelle Prince's "The Power of Belief" presentation will enable you to overcome obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals so you can begin living the life of your dreams! 

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