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You Go Goddess! Intensive

                      You Go Goddess! Intensive

                      One-Day Course


The 1 day seminar, You Go Goddess Intensive is a dynamic course grounded in accelerated learning to help you uncover the deep emotional, physically and spiritual blocks preventing you from living a life you love.  Many women are struggling with financial problems, weight problems, relationship problems and self-esteem problems.  The truth is none of these problems are really you and you can overcome them.  Through intense practices and exercises we will teach you 5 secrets to feminine replenishment and feminine power. 

You will also determine:

  1. Were you are in your masculine and feminine energy and how it may being ruining your

  2. How to practice receiving love and focus on self care & pleasure

  3. How to enjoy a more richer, fuller and joyful life in every moment

In this present economy where people are losing their jobs and their homes daily it can be challenging to focus on being a woman.  After all, who has time to adorn themselves and put on makeup when the bills have to be paid. Who has time for a manicure, massage or facial when the kids have to eat?


Now is the time for all sisters to stop climbing the corporate ladder and to start embracing and nurturing their bodies. Now is the time for us to put down our modern day swords and 3-piece suits and go replenish our spirits by being in nature or resting 1 extra hour before beginning our day. This is just some of the ways a goddess takes care of herself.

At the You Go Goddess Intensive you will learn:

  1. 3 things all women must know to become man-magnets

  2. How to truly “know who you are” as a woman and more importantly as a spiritual being

  3. How to appreciate your feminine form and the uniqueness that is you

Come dig up the seeds that sprouted into the old you and replant nourishing, self empowering seeds to bloom a newer, more authentic you.

Sweet Goddess Sister, the world is waiting for you to show up and give your gifts!

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How many of you want to have more energy and passion, and simply feel great about yourself ?

How many of you want to be like magnets -- attracting to you all you desire?